The Joint Team Of North Lombok Is Not Selective In Controlling Dozens Of Street Vendor' Stalls In Trawangan
Foto: Gili Trawangan. (KANALNTB.COM)

NORTH LOMBOK, KANALNTB.COM – The joint team consisting of the North Lombok regional government, police officers and Indonesian Armies (TNI) personnel disciplined the Street Vendors (PKL) in Gili Trawangan, Pemenang District, on Wednesday (8/21).

The Assistant I of North Lombok Regency who is also the Chief of the Fire Brigade Unit (Satpol PP Damkar), Kawit Sasmito revealed, the joint team controlling the the exotic island of North Lombok consisted of Civil Service Police (Pol PP), North Lombok Police, Military Area Command (Kodim) 1606 West of Lombok, DLHPKP, PUPR Service, Dishublutkan, Trade Office, Kesbangpol, North Lombok Regional Secretariat, and The representatives of Pemenang District.

In this supervision, the team targeted the stalls of traders who have not curbed their own merchandise after the socialization.

“This activity is to maintain the upcoming existence of friction, in the implementation of a fixed command, we humanistically prioritize persuasive because we are directly in touch with the society,” he said.

The former head of the information and communication department (Diskominfo) North Lombok said, before controlling the street vendors’ stalls, he claimed that his side already have issued a warning letter which informs that if there is still seller who has not done demolition of the stall, it will be forcibly dismantled by the joint team.

“We control the street vendors who sell in the Roi beach area 57 stalls in amount,” he explained.

From the total of 57 stalls that were previously recorded, Kawit explained that there are about 15 stalls that have been left and have not been dismantled by the owner himself, therefore, his party and the team decided to do the supervision.

“The control conducting by the government is not selective, it does not differentiate one and another” he said.

On the other hand, the Head of the Enforcement Regulation of the Fire Brigade Unit (Satkar PP Damkar ) North Lombok, Totok Surya Saputra said, there were no obstacles in controlling this time. Even the community actually wants a tighter supervision in the future. Regarding to this matter, his party will periodically place members to conduct monitoring.



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