Saturday, May 26, 2018

Mangku Sakti Waterfall, Exotic View, Exotic River

SELONG, KANALNTB.COM - There are a lot of beautiful waterfalls in Lombok such as Sendang Gile, Kerta, Tiu Pituq, and other else which already famous by their exotic panorama. However, there is also one...

North Lombok Would Have Religious Village Tourism

NORTH LOMBOK, KANALNTB.COM - At this time North Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia, intensively stimulate development in the field of tourism. They have rise to the concept of concept of creative and innovative. Not...

The Latest Attracting Selfie Spot: Narmada Botanical Garden

LOMBOK BARAT, KANALNTB.COM - Recently, the news about current selfie spot was spreading on social media. Many people (local tourist) were talking about that latest attracting place. If we see all of the shared...

Ai Mual, One of  Little Hidden Paradise in West Sumbawa

KSB, - Indonesia which known as an archipelagic country is really rich about cultures and tourism objects. One of the well known province as the most wanted destination in Indonesia is West Nusa Tenggara...

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